I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from Jemma’s sessions and they have literally changed my life. Before I started my sessions with Jemma I had always been an extremely anxious person, however, after the first session, I could feel a huge change coming from within myself. Jemma helped me to shift the negativity and high levels of anxiousness from my life, I really can’t thank her enough. The sessions have benefitted me hugely and I look forward to a new and positive me continuing.

When I first started my counselling with Jemma I had lost sight of anything positive and was constantly my own worst enemy.
Through cognitive hypnotherapy, we went back and addressed a possible route cause as to why I spoke to myself the way I did. Something seemed to click and with Jemma’s help, I knew that by making small changes to the way I thought and being more compassionate to the little girl inside me I could eventually have a more confident and powerful outlook on what I could achieve in my life.
I now notice the small things and use her exercises to help me believe in myself and go easy on myself on the hard days.
Jemma was so open with her communication and was very generous with her time and care.


I found my sessions with Jemma really positive and came away with some excellent coping mechanisms and techniques to employ in times of stress or anxiety. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jemma who is a calm, kind and guiding influence throughout your time with her.